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About Us

Legal Alfalfa Products, based out of Legal, Alberta, is a processing facility that has been producing premium alfalfa products since 1975.

Alfa Tec was founded by families with a long history of farming in the fertile farmland area of Legal and Morinville, just north of Edmonton, Alberta. These families have been in the Legal/Morinville area since the early 1900’s and the owners are either still farming or are associated with farming operations.

In western Canada, our clientele includes feed mills, Alfa Tec distributors, Alfa Tec retail distributors, stables, ranches and acreage owners. In addition, we also ship to other areas of Canada, the United States & overseas.

Many Alfa Tec distributors own and raise their own animals. They also use Alfa Tec products with great results!

Alfa Tec is very proud to sponsor organizations such as 4-H, Gymkhana and Pony Clubs. We also sponsor local sports teams from pre-school to retirement.