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About Us

Roughly 50 kilometers North of downtown Edmonton, in the heart of Sturgeon County, you will find one of the last remaining alfalfa plants in Alberta. Legal Alfalfa Products Ltd. (LAP) was officially opened in 1975 at a time when farmers were looking for ways to diversify their income and add options to their crop rotations. At the peak of the alfalfa processing industry, there were 14 plants in Alberta. Today, LAP is the only plant in Alberta that is dehydrating premium freshly chopped alfalfa and turning it into pellets.

Along with dehydrated alfalfa pellets, LAP also makes Timothy Grass Pellets, Alfalfa Cubes and Timothy Alfalfa Cubes. These four nutritious, 100% hay products are marketed across Western Canada, branded ALFA TEC. Over the years LAP has  made different products but today, these four are the base of their business. The farming area around Legal, Alberta is perfectly situated to grow alfalfa. The climate is ideal, and the soil is superb. Location has also helped with distribution of product.

In western Canada, our clientele includes feed mills, ALFA TEC distributors, ALFA TEC retail distributors, stables, ranches and acreage owners. In addition, we also ship to other areas of Canada, the United States & overseas.

Many ALFA TEC distributors own and raise their own animals. They also proudly feed ALFA TEC products with great results!


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