Alfalfa Equine Feed Calculator


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At AlfaTec we know how tricky it can be to determine how much feed to give your equines, whether it be when buying for the winter or simply to pack off to a show, clinic or camp! For your convenience, we have some feeding references below, along with a handy calculator at the bottom of this page. Its there for your ease of ordering. We hope you enjoy it!

1) 1.25% of Body Weight:
  • Idle Horse
  • Pregnant Mare (0-4 months)
  • Weanling (0-12 months)
2) 1.5% of Body Weight:
  • Light work
  • Pregnant Mare (5-11 months)
  • Stallion (breeding season)
3) 1.75% of Body Weight:
  • Medium work
  • Lactating Mare (90-180 days)
  • Yearling (12-24 months)
4) 2.0% of Body Weight:
  • Intense work
  • Lactating Mare (0-90 days)

NOTE: The above are recommended portions only and individual results may vary from equine to equine.

Rations are based on using cubes as a full feed ration. Supplementing with half hay and half cubes, cut cube ration in half.

  • Your horse may fall between two categories, feed the larger amount and monitor their condition.
  • Easy keeping horses may need less than their body weight requirement, while hard keeping horses may need more.
  • If they begin to gain or lose weight, reduce/increase their amount of cubes by 1 pound/week until they are maintaining the desired weight.
  • Feed with Free Choice Minerals and Salt.
  • FOR WINTER FEEDING: During colder winter periods, you may need to increase the amount of cubes fed.
  • When using cubes as the primary source of roughage, horses should be fed at least twice a day.
  • Horses prone to founder or colic can benefit from being fed four to five times a day.

7/8 Cubes approximate weights:

1 heaping five gallon pail = 25 lbs
1 heaping ice cream pail = 5 lbs
1 large heaping coffee can = 3 lbs

Calculating How Many Cubes to Feed